January 4, 2008

Start Write Blog in English... Now ?

After have seen some of my friend's blog, I got some idea.
Why don't write my blog in english ?

For what ?
At First.. you can practice your writing skill ( I think writing the "right" engslish is the hardest things amongs others - listening or presenting )

Secondly.. May be you can have advertisement easier, because the "english site" can attract more people and more search engine ( is this right ? )

So... what ever it is, even if your (read: my) english is verry poor, and can make the reader confuse or even dye....

Lets start writing in English


Honestly, I dont know how long I can go with this "promise" :D :D


  1. boleh juga pake english, tapi kan byk jg yg ga gape2 amat.ak ada usul, gmn klo bahasanya campuran aja, ada english ada indonesianya jg. nasionalisme...he3...:P..... trus englishnya yg gampank2 aja ya ;p

  2. Waaa..
    another anonymous' coments

    Thanks you :)

    Humm... iya ya... kayaknya Englishnya yang easy aja deh...

    Thanks you verry much for your coments I appreciate it much :)

    Kalo bukan Mas Hendi.. siapa ya...

    soalnya jarang orang yang tau ultahku.. dan jarang pula yang Englishnya jago kayak anonymous..
    dan even lebih jarang yang tau blog ku, apalagi yang mau ninggalin komentar di blog ku...

    Ulul kah ?